Parents! Tell Your Kids THIS Mr. Rogers Quote

Parents! Tell Your Kids THIS Mr. Rogers Quote

I love this Mr. Rogers quote. I personally don’t have cable and so we don’t watch the news. But, when I hear of bad things that are so big or hit close to home, I sometimes share them with my kids. If there is a “bad guy” in the story, I ask my kids… “Do you think this guy was being his “true self”? Was his connection to his soul or to God strong?” They of course say NO. I explain that if the guy was being his TRUE SELF, doing from his heart, this would NEVER happen, correct? They agree.

I try to use it as a learning experience of how we have to be careful and not do things from anger, hate, or jealousy etc. because really bad things can happen the more we get away from who we really are and there are consequences that will be terrible to live with.

After reading this Mr. Rogers quote, I also have taken this perspective and have shown my kids this: “Look for the helpers” they are there always! The kids get excited and they then see them. It helps to see the good. Look for the good in the world in everyone and everywhere you go.


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