Pineapple Whipped #1: How Pineapple Whipped Started

Pineapple Whipped #1: How Pineapple Whipped Started

I am blessed to work at two world class spas in two fabulous hotels here on Maui. These are not your average hotels by any means. These spas are amazing for many reasons, but what I love is that the vision is all about creating amazing experiences for the guests that will be long lasting memories.

We, the employees of the hotels are empowered to make this happen!  I do facials, nails, and body scrubs, so I am fortunate to spend time with my guests anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours or even longer. These are one on one and can get into some really great conversations.

When I am having a conversation with my guest, sometimes an idea may spring up within me  and I call that “just a little bit of inspiration”. What I love is that I can follow that inspiration and I can do something that I may think about but  not be able to do on my own. At both of my jobs, I am empowered to talk to a manager and make little things happen, little things that can brighten someone’s day and to me the LITTLE THINGS in life are actually the BIG THINGS!  So as I am fortunate enough to experience these things with the guests, I would like to share them with you.

A husband and a wife came into the salon to do their nails. They were very, very fun, outgoing, talkative, friendly so it was already fun to begin with. But, as myself and the other nail tech got to talk to them, we realized these people were really special.

The wife was a school teacher and she had a child in her class that was not in a good situation at home and was going to be taken out of her home. This teacher wanted to protect this little child. Not ever planning any of this, her and her husband actually became foster parents to this little girl and her brother.

They talked about the ups and the downs. You could really hear about the children and what they were going through and how the boy had a hard time trusting and how they flourished through this love and supportive home. Also, the things their own children went through because these kids were in their home.

It was a heartwarming story to hear how these two people did what they did for these children. It really touched me and the other nail tech I was working with. I would have literally just come to work just to hear their stories. I had chicken skin so many times just hearing what all of them were going through and learning through all this and how love was making it better.

This couple mentioned that they were on the island of Maui about 15 years ago for their wedding anniversary. They said they had this drink when they were here and it was so great and it was called Pineapple Whip. They said it was the best drink they ever had. For 15 years they had been dreaming of coming back to Hawaii and having this special drink again. They didn’t just mention it, They went OFF about it!!! They kept talking about how great it was and how sweet it was and on and on. Then they asked me where they could get one.

I said, You know, I have never heard of it. They were soooo bummed! They thought if I lived here and I have never heard of it, that’s really bad. They were really disappointed. Well I got this LITTLE IDEA, this LITTLE INSPIRATION but I did not say anything. I just finished their treatments. I said goodbye to them and thanked them for meeting.

When I was done I researched online and the drink had been sold at a store but since was closed down.  I went outside and talked to my manager. I asked her if she knew where we could find this drink. My manager and I talked and thought maybe our chef could make it? She made some phone calls and sent some emails out. And that was it.

The next day, I ran into the director of our spa. She said “Hey Dana, you know the guests you did yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. ______? “

“Yes of course!” I said.

“We are going to get that drink for them, that pineapple whip!”

“Are you serious?! That would be so awesome!”

and she said “yes, we are going to surprise them with the drink today when they come to the spa for their treatments!”

Later on that day I was doing a pedicure on a guest and I felt someone staring at me. I turned my  head and there they were, these two happy guests were staring at me in their spa robes, really close to each other with a big smile on their face and then slurping away on their Pineapple Whips! And they were just so happy! They said Dana we just want to thank you so much! Just the smile on their face was just priceless. Come to find out the hotel even took a picture of them drinking their pineapple whip , framed it and sent it to their room . That will be a lifetime memory for them!

Even though it was something SO SIMPLE,  it was so fun to do. Sometimes it just takes a little extra time out of your day to do something, but that little tiny something can mean something so amazing to another person.

So when you get that feeling of INSPIRATION for anything small or anything big, see what you can do to act upon it. Maybe you can’t do something at your work  and don’t have the support like I do or maybe you do… but just FOLLOW THAT INSPIRATION everyday and LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!

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