Bottles for Essential Oils

Bottles for Essential Oils
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Bottles For Essential Oils

Why do you need to use specific bottles for essential oils?

It may seem that you can just use any bottle lying around to put your essential oils mix in. But, when you’re just starting to introduce essential oils into your daily life, the right bottle will make a world of difference in terms of longevity and potency. Let’s talk about tips.

Don’t Let Your Oils Go Bad

Essential oil mixtures can be used in a number of different useful ways, but if you don’t store them properly, the oils or the mixture can oxidise and lose their potency. Oxidation is the process of a substance chemically combining with oxygen. You don’t want that to happen because you’d want your mixture and oils to last longer, so here are a few tips you can follow to minimise oxidation.

Follow These Storage Tips For  Essential Oils

1. Protect Your Oils from Sunlight

Have you noticed that essential oil containers are mostly amber or cobalt bottles? That’s because they protect your essential oils or mixture from the sunlight. The dark bottle helps preserve your essential oils or your mixtures.

2. Amber/Cobalt Bottles

Amber/cobalt bottles will help delay the oxidation of your oils, but it would be even better if you store your oils in a cool, dark place. Some suggest that you can purchase unfinished boxes with lids at craft stores, but try putting your oils inside your fridge for longevity.

3. Glass Bottles are a Necessity

Glass bottles are a must when you’re working with essential oils. There are plenty of plastic bottles in the market which are more affordable than glass ones, but plastic bottles can affect the essential oil you’re storing because the oils are concentrated.

4. No to Rubber Droppers Too

Just like how you would avoid plastic bottles, it’s recommended that you also avoid plastic droppers. The reason is, basically, the same – you don’t want to compromise your essential oils with plastic.The plastic won’t last that long because the essential oils are concentrated.

5. Try Orifice Reducers

Instead of rubber droppers, you can try orifice reducers instead. Orifice reducers act like built in droppers and they are made with a better material that can withstand the concentration of the oils you’re working with.

I Suggest You Check The Following Guides for Essential Oils

Glass Spray Bottles

16oz Glass Spray Bottles

These spray bottles are currently what I am using for my DIY Healthy Hairspray. I love these spray bottles because I can stick labels on them. I can, then, write on the labels with chalk. This works as a hair spray bottle but you can also use it for cleaning mixtures with essential oils.

Glass Bottles

2ml Glass Bottles

Smaller glass bottles are ideal if you want to repack your essential oil mix, share your oils with friends as gifts or samples, or you can use these glass bottles as containers for your oils when you’re travelling. This pack has 36 smaller bottles with orifice reducers and two glass pipettes.

Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Daniel Macdonald

This book is so amazing. It connects the oils as powerful emotional healers. As we are learning, our chronic emotions are creating ailments in our bodies. Time after time I find people are blown away when they are drawn to a particular oil to find out that this is the oil that is recommended for a particular ailment that they are suffering from.

Then when they look in this book “Emotional Healing with Essential Oils” for that particular Oil they find the chronic emotions or patterns that they experience in life. This helps them to recognize what they are doing and how they can use these oils to heal and change their lives for the better.

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