Cooking with Kids: Why it’s a GREAT idea!

Cooking with Kids: Why it’s a GREAT idea!

I never would have guessed that cooking with kids could be this wonderful! I thought all the kids in the kitchen at once would be a crazy mess! And, it is but it’s a crazy cool mess of everything good!

My Observation When Cooking with Kids

1. Kids are learning! Everybody’s gotta eat, and making your own meals is so important. Kids learn this valuable lesson early.

2. Kids are 100% #UNPLUGGED and living and doing in the moment. Cooking with kids means that they’re doing a productive activity. They’re not on their gadget, playing video games or watching videos.

3. Team work (if you have more than one child). Everyone starts working together. My daughter is cutting up the Portuguese sausage and my oldest son is greasing up the pan to fry it. My middle son is setting the table and making drinks!

4. They feel great! They are proud! Cooking with kids allows your children to accomplish something on their own. It makes them independent and confident.

5. They can get creative and try different things… See what works what doesn’t.

6. When they cook it, they eat it. They appreciate it more. It shows them the time it takes, what’s involved in making stuff so they don’t just show up to the table, Xbox remote in hand, and grumble about what’s been made for them.

7. They teach each other! What better way to improve is to actually teach something! We are all learning!

Side Note

Side note my daughters taking a cooking and baking class at the YMCA for summer camp. She’s got a great teacher she loves! I so appreciate what she is learning. Such a wonderful class! So she’s been teaching me a thing or two. No joke!

I’m really thankful I’ve discovered how great cooking with the kids is and we try to get everyone helping with each meal. Now, it’s your turn to try it out. If you’re not sure where to start, start with simple recipes. Here are a few that I found to be very simple when cooking with kids:

We also cook together.

This has also helped me to be “on it” more. I wash my dishes so when they bring their dishes up they see an empty sink and they can’t just throw their dishes in with the rest. Because they’ve been doing kids’ chores, they are more aware.

Also I get all the laundry done and sorted into their stackable crates. So when it comes time for their folding day they have all their clothes to fold for the week.

Now when I look back I can’t believe I used to do all this myself. No wonder I was so exhausted. And, I find so much joy in watching them learn and do. I’m really proud of them and I feel great learning right alongside them.

Picture of my daughter doing chores. She even made me this yummy sandwich!

You can do this with your kids too! I find the following resources very helpful:

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids from


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