About Us

I am an Inspired “thinker”, “feeler”, and “do-er” consciously creating my life with every thought, feeling, and action.

I am a single parent and mommy of 3 hapa kids, living in Maui, Hawaii. My kids are my biggest teachers and they help me become the best I can everyday.

  1. I LOVE the feeling of inspiration flowing through me and then acting on it.
  2. I LOVE being Tapped in, Tuned in, and Turned on and following my BLISS.
  3. I BELIEVE in looking for the good in everything and everyone and in doing that, goodness radiates like a drop and ripples outward in the water.
  4. I choose to SEE more good than bad in this world of ours. I see more abundance than lack starting with every grain of sand, every leaf on every tree and with amazing beautiful views, animals, and people’s hearts around the world.
  5. I BELIEVE there is magic in LOVE and it can heal all things.

This website is about all things POSITIVE: Life hacks, books, ideas, ways of living, heart touching stories and anything else I love and am inspired about. It’s about healthy living from the inside out.

This blog is about following my passion a little everyday.

If I take this road of least resistance of all the things I love, where will it lead me? Let’s find out….

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