DIY Healthy Hairspray Recipe (Natural & Great For Scalp)

DIY Healthy Hairspray Recipe (Natural & Great For Scalp)

Healthy hair is something that most of us aim for, especially when you’ve reached a certain age. To slow the graying and prevent hair thinning, we go to different products available in the market. The problem with this is, there are shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays and serums that could do more damage than repair. And, we don’t even realize it! That’s why, when I decided to do the oil shift, I began to experiment with different, more natural, DIY recipes with essential oils. Today, I’m sharing my DIY healthy hairspray recipe to stimulate hair growth and promote hair health.

DIY Healthy Hairspray Recipe HOW-TO

I posted this video on one of my Facebook groups called “The Oil Shift – Changing Lives One Drop at a Time“. You’re welcome to join. Just click on the name of the group and the link should direct you there. But, back to the DIY healthy hairspray recipe, this is what I used:


Take an empty spray bottle. Make sure it is clean. I got mine from Amazon: 16oz Amber Boston Round Glass Spray Bottles w/Reusable Chalk Labels.

Here’s what it looks like on Amazon:

I love these spray bottles. When using essential oils, glass is a must. I must say these are top quality! The sprayer on these bottles are really good! You will notice the difference right away. I will be buying much more of these. Also, the spray bottles come with sticker labels that you can write on with chalk which is great.

  • Add 22 drops of each essential oil. The oils I am using are doTerra oils. For more info about them, you can message me anytime.
  • I added about 3/4 of the purified water.
  • Put the spritzer back on and shake.
  • Spritz on hair twice a day.

It’s that easy, and it doesn’t build product up like what most haircare products do. It’s natural so you can even use it on your kids. Just remember to spray it on clean hair.

Hope you like this recipe. Try it out and let me know what you think! Let’s stay connected too, you can either LIKE my page on Facebook or you can join the oil shift group on Facebook. Check out the links below to go to the pages mentioned and to my other social media profiles:


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