Conscious Living: 16 Cribnotes For a Better Life

Conscious Living: 16 Cribnotes For a Better Life

I wrote this article around 2008 when I first started to really get into personal development and learn more about spirituality. As I just re-read through these 16 cribnotes, they all remain so true and I know the things I learned from these books back then have really changed and shaped my life forever. I can honestly say I would read each book again and I know I would gain even more insight that I could put to work in my life today. I am  always always learning and I just love that! Here’s my list for a better life from 2008. Can’t wait to make a new list of my favorites  to add  to these for 2016!

These are many things that I have learned that I feel are very important to keep in my head, heart,and consciousness everyday. It is very helpful to myself to often reflect on these to re-remember for more inspiration in my life.

16 Cribnotes For a Better Life

1. Gratitude

Be thankful to God for EVERYTHING that I am thankful for. Appreciate the simplest and the most profound and give thanks. This is the best emotion of “being” to be in. It puts me in a good positive place and open to receive more goodness into my life. (This became more clear on from the book and DVD The Secret)

2. The Now

I do not have my past. I do not have the future. All that I ever have is THE NOW! (The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle really opened up my eyes with this fact.)

3. Watching Myself in my Life

Imagine myself (my soul) watching myself in my life. What do I think? What would I change now?

4. Before I React

Nothing — no conflict is between me and another person. Every reaction that I have to anything and anyone is only between myself and God. So before I react I think of God and then react accordingly. (Wayne Dyer taught me this through his book: There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem)

5. Watcher of My Thoughts

Be the Watcher of My Thoughts. Bring everything to awareness and acceptance and therefore to the light. The light will diminish what is not of itself. The negative is darkness. (Eckhart Tolle taught me this in his book)

6. My Mind & God’s Words

Free my Mind and Know God’s Words

7. My Responsibility to Cleanse

Everything negative that happens in front of me or every negative experience that I have is my responsibility to cleanse it. Say “I am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. I Love You. God Bless.” (Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale taught me this in their book Zero Limits 1st (first) edition. The book is on Ho’oPonoPono)

8. Positive Energy & Thoughts

Keep your energy and thoughts positive and good positive things flow towards you.

9. Ask and You Shall Receive

The Bible, of course, is where I have heard this for the first time. Faith all the way through is key to a better life. I must remain in a state of gratitude, love, trust, faith and all that is God.

It is the frequency that I am in. For example if I am tuning into 95.9 AM and I want to listen to 101 FM it is simply on the wrong frequency and can’t come through. I have to be on the right frequency to get the right channel and music that I want to listen to. (Abraham-Hicks taught me this) and this is how it works in life. If I want to have certain results in my life, I need to be tuned in and feeling good about these results.

10. Mine & Others’ Thoughts

Thoughts of mine and others (energy) carry and affect everything in this universe. A smoke stack blowing pollution out in Detroit still affects the air in China. It is all the same air. Energy works the same way. (this analogy really helped me from my Beyond Freedom program)

11. Bringing More of it

Whatever I am thinking about and focusing on brings more of it. So think and focus on the positive.

12. Love

Love is the answer to everything. (Marianne Williamson has helped me with this in her book)


13. Give it to God

For a better life, every problem that occurs, I give to God and know everything is always okay.

14. Always Cleanse

Always “Cleanse”, clear my head…. Everywhere I go and everything I see from people, living things, objects,places all carry energy- positive and negative. So I must cleanse myself/family to keep myself/us more connected and close with God and inspiration flows.

15. Pray

Pray with each step I take.

16. Get out of the Mind

Always thinking thinking thinking… Stop this! and find God, clarity, love and true consciousness.

I have listed some authors and influences that have really helped me with living a better life. There are many more that I could list and I am so thankful for all that they contribute to helping others and making the world a better place with answers that inspire.


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