Are You in the Receptive Mode?

Are You in the Receptive Mode?

Are You in the Receptive Mode?

The Receptive Mode is about being receptive to the GOOD that is always flowing to you. It starts with YOU. Your thoughts….and What do you do with them?

I believe “goodness” is always flowing to us. The bible says, Ask and it is Given. and it IS!

The question is… Are you in the receptive mode so that you can receive what is being given? If you are grouchy, mad, or any other negative emotion, do you think you are letting in the good stuff?

I believe what you put out comes back to you. Also, goodness flows to you so bring yourself “up” so that you can feel it and see it.  so Here are some hints to help get you there.

If there are 10 things that don’t feel good when you think about them and 1 thing that does feel good,  hey, why not THINK about that 1 thing (that does feel good) and all the other 10 will have to follow.

This 1 thing will put you in the receptive mode!

Here’s how:  Find it… (what feels good!) and simply just think about it.

Think about it until you are smiling…

Appreciate it. Milk it for all it’s got.

Love it! FEEEEEEL IT. Smile some more from the inside. Be HAPPY :):):)

Now, ask yourself. Do you Feel Good???????

If the answer is yes…. then



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