New York Barber does THIS on His day Off.

New York Barber does THIS on His day Off.

Most of us look forward to our days off because it’s the perfect time for us to get some chores done, sleep longer, spend time with the family more, do unfinished tasks and so on. This barber from New York, however, has a very different idea of how he should spend his free time off from work.

Mark Bustos started giving the homeless free haircuts in the Philippines. A couple of years back, he visited his family’s province, and decided to work at a small, local barber shop. He worked along side other barbers, but, unlike them, his customers where less fortunate children.

He decided to bring this practice back home, in New York. Mind you that Bustos works at a high-end salon and his cuts usually cost around $150, but every Sunday afternoon, he dresses down, goes around the city of New York and gives the homeless free haircuts.

“The best way to inspire other people is to be inspired by others. The reason I’m out in the streets is so I can inspire other people. I just so happen to be a hairstylist and I’m able to give people haircuts on the street, but everybody does something that they can do for anybody out in the street.” – Mark Bustos

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“I’m Gonna Love You Through It” by Martina McBride

When you’re weak, I’ll be strong
When you let go, I’ll hold on
When you need to cry, I swear that I’ll be there to dry your eyes
When you feel lost and scared to death,
Like you can’t take one more step
Just take my hand, together we can do it
I’m gonna love you through it.

These children are beautiful, so much good stuff here! Just look at the kid’s faces and their vibe. The song is like a prayer, already affirming Mrs. Lopez coming through her battle healed. And LOVE CAN heal anything.

Share this as you say a prayer for healing for this teacher and an appreciation for the kids and the other teacher helping to put all this together.


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