My Journey Meditation with MUSE: #2 These Two Things Got Better Right Away

My Journey Meditation with MUSE: #2 These Two Things Got Better Right Away

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As I mentioned in a previous introduction to MUSE, meditation has been life changing for me.

If it wasn’t for MUSE I simply would not be making the time to meditate. And I am doing it because I definitely see things improve in my life because of it. And of course it would, this is how I think of meditation now.

Picture me or better yet picture yourself with an electrical cord plugged straight from you and in to GOD/ Infinite intelligence/ Love/ Our Source ! Taking time to do this in your life regularly opens up access to everything good, it centers you first! Everything you do from there is going to flow better, WAY better! This is what I am experiencing since meditating regularly.

Meditation has helped me with 2 things right off the bat:

The First is my FOCUS

I have a lot of ideas… I have a lot of  things I am passionate about and I want to do. I am a single parent with 3 kids doing it all on my own and my mind is always going and jumping around from one subject to the next. It IS a problem and it wastes a lot of time.

Since meditating with MUSE, my FOCUS has improved so much! This is huge for me. And I am focusing on the things that are making my life better, that make me happy personally, professionally, with my children, and doing what I am passionate about.

I will make a list of things I am finding improvement in on another blog post soon.

The Second Thing that Changed with MUSE

It may sound a little weird but now I know it’s also from Meditation. I asked a couple of people who meditate regularly and they said ABSOLUTELY it is true and meditation is the reason! So here it is, I LOVE coffee!

I love the smell, the taste. I love having something sweet all day long that I can sip. I have a great coffee that is healthy- good for my body but I don’t like the fact that I HAVE TO HAVE IT! That it seems to control me.

Ever since I have started meditating I have noticed my “wanting” or “needing” has gone away. I sometimes make a nice hot pure green tea full of antioxidants, or a nice cold glass of 100% Orange Juice with Collagen in it to benefit my skin, hair, and joints.  (It tastes like a orange cremecicle.), or I have a nice cup of coffee with Hawaiian honey in it.

But that coffee controlling me is NOT thereIt’s like I am FEELING what is good for me and I choose to have that. I have also become more sensitive to what is not good for me and have been making better choices with those.

For instance one morning I was running late and went thru the drive through and grabbed breakfast. The whole morning I was “not on my game”, “not sharp” and it was very noticeable to me. Since then I haven’t eaten from that fast food place. I am not saying I never will.

Woman doing yoga at sunset, lotus position, copy space

I am saying I believe meditating has made me be more in touch with me, what is good for me and feeling the difference. I really like that!

<3 DK

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