MUSE Simply HAS Changed my Life

MUSE Simply HAS Changed my Life

Soundclip of my MUSE Story

Guests of the hotel I work at told me about MUSE. My sweet guests were attendees of a retreat put on by a world renown top meditator. They were excited about MUSE and had just bought one for themselves. When they started to tell me, I was immediately drawn in.

  • MUSE is a device put on your head to help you meditate.
  • You hear sounds like weather for example, wind and waves lightly in the background and if you start to think too much it will start to get stormy and you must calm it down with your mind.
  • This device tracks your brainwaves as you are meditating  to see what state you are in. If you are in a calm meditative state you will begin to hear birds, and the more birds you get the more focused and calm you are.

The husband said he had 26 birds and the wife had 2. I had to find out more and was able to go and do a demo  for myself. Let me telI you, I loved it! I knew I wanted it, but it was $300.

The next day, I took my friend to have a demo too. We spoke about this. And, we both know the power of meditation and how we both had a rather hard time taking time to meditate. For me, I have only “tried” to meditate a handful of times. Each time I tried I usually just started yawning and then I would fall asleep.

MUSE Can Help

I felt with this I would be motivated to meditate and it would help me in every area of my life through meditation. My only fear was if I was to get this, what if it would just be a fad. I would use it only in the beginning and then I would fade off and it would never be used again. Looking back now, I have found this to be false.

I have experienced positive results in my life from meditating and MUSE is the means to which I get measurable results that keep me coming back. And, because I can tell and feel the difference when not meditating and meditating in my life, I value MUSE so very much. I would like to share my journey here on my blog with you.

Since then I contacted the company to see if I can share this valuable life changing device with others and get compensated for it if someone buys one. Why not, abundance is a good thing! I was very happy to have gotten approved! So as you read through my blog and my journey and you decide you would like to buy one, please click through one of my links like this one HERE.

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