Major Benefits I Found in Kids’ Chores

Major Benefits I Found in Kids’ Chores

Do you have kids? Do they do kids’ chores?

My children have been doing kid’s chores – folding their clothes at least 2x per week and taking out the trash and a few things here and there – but not very consistent. About 2 months ago, I started all 3 of my kids (ages 13, 9, and 7) on a set chore schedule.

This has been the best thing for all of us.

I’m a single parent and I work 2 jobs so I explained to them I can’t do this on my own. I need your help. This is our home and we must clean up after ourselves.
Sometimes I didn’t want to bother implementing it because, truthfully, it’s tiring getting after them. But, I got into it and I found joy in teaching them how to do things like clean the bathroom. I was really surprised to find out how they get into it!

Kids’ Chores Benefits I’ve Discovered

  1. They are a HUGE help! I can’t stress this enough!
  2. They save me time and I can have more time with them. If I’m helping them then I’m spending quality time teaching them.
  3. They are learning life skills that they will use!
  4. They are learning independence. So when they are on their own they CAN take care of themselves and have tons of experience behind them.
  5. I see their confidence soar as the try and get better and better
  6. I see they notice when something is messy or out of place now. They either fix it or get on the one who is slacking.
  7. They are fully capable of doing a great job. And they feel great when they do their best. I bring that up with them so they recognize this. Hopefully it will carry over into other things.

Kids’ chores we are doing:

13 year old boy

  • Trash
  • Lock up all doors and windows every night
  • Clean downstairs bathroom
  • Vacuum downstairs
  • Wash own dishes
  • Fold and put away own clothes 1x per week

9 year old boy

  • Clean upstairs bathroom
  • Dust and vacuum boys room
  • Wash own dishes
  • Fold and put away own clothes 1x per week

7 year old girl

  • Straighten shoes on front porch and sweep.
  • Dust and vacuum room
  • Wash own dishes
  • Fold and put away own clothes 1x per week.

We also cook together.

This has also helped me to be “on it” more. I wash my dishes so when they bring their dishes up they see an empty sink and they can’t just throw their dishes in with the rest. Because they’ve been doing kids’ chores, they are more aware.

Also I get all the laundry done and sorted into their stackable crates. So when it comes time for their folding day they have all their clothes to fold for the week.

Now when I look back I can’t believe I used to do all this myself. No wonder I was so exhausted. And, I find so much joy in watching them learn and do. I’m really proud of them and I feel great learning right alongside them.

Picture of my daughter doing chores. She even made me this yummy sandwich!

You can do this with your kids too! I find the following resources very helpful:

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids from


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