8 Things You Can Do Every Day for a Happy Life

8 Things You Can Do Every Day for a Happy Life

Do you believe that it doesn’t take a lot to be truly happy? Or to live a happy life? I believe so, but we do need small reminders because we can easily get side tracked by stress, anxiety and sadness. That’s why I made a list and put it up on my wall as a guide for me to look at everyday.

When I do these 8 things, in some form daily, I feel great:

1. Meditate

I just recently started doing this with the help of MUSE. You don’t need MUSE but it totally helps me and I love it. Meditation is like the most simple thing, yet most people don’t do it. It works to help with EVERY SINGLE area of your life. No joke. Just  try it. Your meditation routine or how you do it doesn’t have to be perfect. All you need to do is get started.

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2. Exercise

You can meditate and not exercise and you won’t feel as good as if you do. But, chances are, when you meditate, you will want to exercise. It’s the weirdest thing, but you will want to do things that are good for you and not crave things that aren’t. Exercising makes you feel strong, attractive, healthy and full of life and energy. Nothing can replace it.

3. Learn

Always learn, always improve yourself everyday. Take notice when you learn something and congratulate yourself. It feels great and it is truly essential for a happy life.

4. Do your BEST!

Don’t be lazy. No matter what you do, give it your all. Put your heart into it. You will gain much joy.

5. Appreciate

Throughout your day, or at the end of your day take time to go throughout your day mentally and give thanks for each thing and person from the tiniest things to the biggest. This alone can change your life drastically! Your whole perspective changes when you do this.

6. Be Present

Whatever you are doing, be 100% in that moment. This is where our joy is. This IS OUR LIFE. How can you be present? Be mindful of what you’re doing.


Love people. Love beauty, kindness, nature… all the good stuff. Say loving things.  Be affectionate. Do kind things for one another.

8. Allow

When you do all or any of these things, something INSIDE of you changes and you get inspiration, get good ideas, get hunches, etc. FOLLOW them. Do the thing, the action that is born from your inspiration in the moment. I call this INSPIRED ACTION.

Make Your Own “Happy Life List”

Get quiet, think, and FEEL….. You don’t have to follow my list. You can also make your own. Use the following questions to guide you:

  • What inspires you?
  • What positively makes you feel great from the inside out?
  • What does a happy life look like to you?

Remember to place your list somewhere you can easily see it, and see it often.

“I love you. Be Positive. Have Freedom” wrote my daughter on the bottom of my list up on the wall. Such wisdom from my 7 year old. Just say and feel those two words… what kinds of feelings come to you?


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