Centering Yourself: Put Yourself First, Be Selfish

Centering Yourself: Put Yourself First, Be Selfish

Centering Yourself: Put Yourself First, Be Selfish

“I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.” – Lucille Ball

Yesterday, I learned about taking care of myself first, CENTERING myself and how very important this is. I’d like to share this realization with you today because, sometimes, centering yourself first can be something that we often neglect.

What is Centering Yourself About?

Centering yourself is all about noticing how you feel at every moment and watching the space that’s right around you.

It’s really simple, actually. So if I’m feeling upset, stressed or if something’s bothering me, I need to take care of that, within myself, right away. I need to figure out if perhaps the way I’m thinking about something is wrong.

Basically, we have an inner being inside of us which is our soul, or our spirit. It’s a part of God, our connection to the divine. It is so good and so wonderful. When we’re thinking about something and our inner being sees that subject differently there is a difference in that vibration. We feel the difference inside of us through negative emotion because we’re not being our “true selves”. Our thoughts are not in alignment with how God is thinking. And you’ll always know that by the way you feel, your gut feeling.

So when you realize that you’re feeling sad or aggravated, it’s not a bad thing, but rather an indicator that tells you that this is not where you want to be.

When you’re feeling those feelings, you’re actually going to be attracting everything that are like those feelings into your life. If it’s important for you to live your life on purpose, live it the way you want it to be, you have to be careful about what you’re thinking or feeling – that is going to be your main focus, that is before anything else.

What I mean about centering yourself first is you have to take care of all these feelings and all this vibration around you and then you go about your business.

Centering Myself in my Life

So yesterday, for instance, I came home from work. I have three children so my kids are my biggest teachers because they’re their own people. They don’t listen and they’re not all the way “broken in” by society, so they think that they can do whatever they want most times (and that’s not necessarily bad). When I come home, I want them to do certain things right away. They, however, have their own thoughts in their heads.

I try to really honor and respect them and it works out pretty good for the most part.

I have to make sure that I am centered and I am looking at them through God’s eye – the most loving perception. When they feel that and see that, things just turn out better. When I am centered, I take time to explain things to them instead of yelling at them. I try to help and have them do something not because I’m telling them to do it, or forcing them but because it’ll feel better when they do it from the “inside out” or from their heart and soul.

When I can do that, my days are great and my day becomes fulfilling. When I don’t take time to take care of myself first, it doesn’t turn out well and we all deal with bad feelings.

A Life Tip from my Day Yesterday

Here are some ways I did this in my life yesterday. I came home from work. I needed the kids to do certain chores. They all did their chores but only partially. I didn’t want to be nagging on them and I wanted to connect to them first as people. I wanted to respect and honor them and so I had some conversations with them.

I allowed them to come to the conclusion of what they needed to do and how it’s going to work better. Ahd they did what they needed to do from their own free will and decision to do good. We moved everything upstairs to their bedrooms because it was almost time for bed. I feel  it’s important for us to go upstairs a little bit early so we can have time to ourselves to look at books, relax, draw or find what we want to do in our own personal spaces.

And so my son was doing that and he was reading a book about the human body and he was telling me things I never really knew about. He said, “Mom, did you know that when we faint, our body is actually helping itself because it’s able to push more oxygen in the blood when we’re fainting.”

My daughter came in and she was also sharing some things she’s interested in. Everyone was having a great conversation. Now if I would have not been centered and taken the time beforehand, I would have been rushing them. I wouldn’t have seen them through “God’s eyes” She may have then been needy but because I was centered and I talked to her about everything, it helped her get passed that dependence. She said, “Mom, I’m going to go clean my room.” She got to take care of something she hasn’t done in a long time on her own.

My oldest son and I also had an amazing conversation about what’s been happening in his life and we can get into that later on because I’m still trying to work out some of the things he told me.

But, everybody went to sleep happy in their own rooms. As for me, I got to actually go in my room, scrub my face and apply a facial masque and take some me time.

Centering Yourself is NOT Selfishness

Centering yourself and putting yourself first sounds selfish but it’s totally NOT because when we do, we’re at peace when we go about our business or connect to others afterwards.

As a parent, if we’re having a hard time, it’s important to tell our children or whoever is around you that you’re not feeling like yourself right now. You need to center yourself or you need to cool down (however you want to word it).

Especially for the children. When they see that their parent is doing this certain thing, they’ll learn from that. They will see how you do it and that’s how they learn – not by you telling them but by you telling them and also showing them with your own actions.

Keep yourself centered, make that your number one priority and go about your day and see how everything flows awesomely.
Make it a great day. DK<3

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